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Swim School winter warmer tips

As the air starts to get cooler and the hours of sunshine shorter, our motivation to swim can start to slip. However, this time of year is the most crucial for children's learning and provides many benefits for water confidence and skill development. 

To ensure kids continue to remain water safe during the cooler months we have compiled our top tips to make your winter swim lessons easy and effortless! Some of these include: 

1. Warm clothes

Having a set of warm clothes at the ready will help to prevent the brush with cold air when making the dreaded walk to the car after lessons. A dressing gown is a great piece of clothing to pack as children can easily slip it on after their lesson and is guaranteed to keep them warm when transitioning from the pool. A pair of fluffy socks and slippers is also a helpful accessory to keep the feet warm and toasty.

2. Hot shower

During the cooler weather it helps to choose a swim facility that is equipped with high quality showering facilities. Having the ability to rinse off the pool water under a warm shower will raise children's body temperature before heading outside and minimize the post lesson chill. Immediately rinsing off after their swim can also help to speed up children's night time routine and relieve the need to hop in the shower and get wet again at home. 

3. Swim cap

A swim cap is a life saver during the winter months - especially for girls. Taking the extra time to put one on will help to prevent the dripping wet hair on the ride home. Wearing a swim cap also helps to fight against the cool temperature in the water and the crisp air outside of the pool. As this swim accessory can often pose an issue when putting it on, make sure the hair is dampened slightly and long hair is tied back into a bun to ensure an easy application. 

4. Toasty treat

Going to the café and grabbing a hot chocolate or occasionally sharing a bucket of hot chips provides the perfect treat for sticking through their lessons as well as helping kids stay warm . It doesn't have to happen after every class and can even be something as simple as making a warm tea when you get home. A toasty treat is also a great positive reinforcement for kids continuing their lessons and can be made a weekly tradition between parent and child. 

5. Winter swim gear

If you are finding your child is extra sensitive to the cold during the cooler weather, try purchasing a wetsuit or long sleeve rash vest this winter. This will help ensure they stay nice and warm during their swim lessons and more importantly, make sure their skills are continually progressing in preparation for the summer heat and pool days with friends. 

We hope our tips will help you stay warm this winter and keep the skills progressing during the cooler months! 

Looking for a swim school to continue refining the kids skills during winter? At HBF Stadium our pools are heated to a comfortable 27 degrees, which makes learning to swim in winter easy! Find out more about what makes our swim school great here.