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Why join our holiday swim program

Engaging in intensive learning comes with some unique benefits and swimming is a great activity to prove this.

While taking the time for weekly swimming lessons is excellent for skill development, delving into concentrated learning in shorter timeframes has its distinct advantages.

  • During school holidays, intensive swimming lessons can be a game-changer if your child's skills have reached a plateau. Each day brings new skills and tricks, and the daily return to the pool helps them solidify and build upon what they learned the day before.
  • It is the repetition of new skills in the daily swimming lesson building both muscle memory and mental retention which plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing swimming skills.
  • Over the week your child will be more aware of their progress. Unlike longer breaks between lessons, where improvements might quietly sneak in like ripples, the intensive format provides a tangible sense of achievement, boosting their confidence.
  • And let's not overlook the enjoyment factor of school holiday swimming programs! They offer your kids something exciting to look forward to as the holidays approach. Additionally, they serve as a structured activity for parents, alleviating the daily need to find activities to keep them active and occupied.

We are here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9441 8227 or visit our website for further information or assistance! Visit Holiday Swim.