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Swim School swim tips

Our Swim School Team have put together a few basic tips you and your child might find helpful as they progress their journey to becoming a competent swimmer.

Facilitate building trust

Children often do not know their instructor and trust is a huge part of teaching swimming. Before each lesson and in between lessons talk about the instructor using their name so the children are mentally prepared and make a big display of yourself meeting the instructor so that the children can see you trust them as well.


Not sure about wearing goggles

Some children really don’t like putting their googles on and using them, especially the little ones. A good tip is to let them play with them at home in the shower and bath.

Get that Streamline

The best position for moving through water is a straight line along the surface of the pool. For some kids this is a challenge but practice pretending to be an arrow or a rocket ship so that fingers part the water and keep head in line with body. 

Streamline position  - We do this with all levels starting with our toddlers by doing motor boats with them in the water. Arms stretched out in front or holding a board. Kicking legs with face in the water blowing bubbles to make motorboat noises. 

Pull - Breathe - Kick - Glide

Breaststroke can be tricky! Fix your breaststroke timing by getting the 'pull, breathe, kick, glide' sequence just right for a smooth and efficient swimming stroke.

  1. Pull with arms
  2. Breathe in
  3. Kick with legs 
  4. Glide for 3 seconds

Keep it positive 

Always talk about the positive things a child can do while swimming and only focus on that. It will build the child’s confidence, it feels good and distracts them from the things they do not like to do.