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Get to know our swim instructor Maddy

HBF Stadium supports the health and well-being of kids in Perth.

Running during the school term and over the holidays, our kids activities are specifically aimed at developing life skills to keep your children healthy, active, and engaged.

Staff members are committed to creating a safe and comfortable learning environment, to achieve the best possible outcomes for your children. All kids activities are designed with an emphasis in promoting participation in physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Whether your child is at a beginner level or is looking to develop their skills, our programs cater for all abilities. All classes are progressive in nature so your child can grow in skill and confidence at their own pace.


Meet Swim Instructor Maddy. She loves coming to work every day to meet and get to know her students better so she can best assist them to master their water skills.

Q: How long have you been a swim instructor at HBF Stadium?

I started teaching at HBF stadium in March 2022.

Q: What day and ages do you teach?

I teach every day from Monday through to Friday, with all different levels ranging from toddlers up to junior squads, and adults.

Q: What are your certifications/qualifications?

  • Royal Life Saving Swim Teach license
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Working with children
  • National Police Clearance

Q: What is the best part about teaching at HBF Stadium?

I absolutely love coming in every day to swim school, knowing that having so many different students gives a massive variety of opportunity to talk and get to know the students better. To be able to build a stronger rapport with them to then further build a trusting relationship to be able to instruct and help them learn to swim to the best of their abilities.

Q: Why do you think it is important for everyone to become a competent swimmer?

Learning to swim is a very important skill especially in Australia being always around water. Also swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that has a lot of benefits specifically in the cardiovascular health spectrum!

Q: Do you have a number one swimming or teaching experience?

When I was first learning how to teach swimming, I was on prac with a teacher, who is a supervisor, and she at the start of every lesson, genuinely took the time to ask each student how their day was even if it was just 5 minutes she did it every time. That was a moment for me, that now for all classes with every kid, I will check in on them and see how their day is! 

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

I lived in Melbourne for the first 13 years of my life! I had never been to a beach up until I moved to Perth, and the first night we got here as a family we went down to Scarborough beach for a dip.

Q: Tell us about your favourite activities or hobbies that you like to do for fun.

I love AFL, I play in a team, as well as coaching and I also work within the AFL. I also love music, playing saxophone, guitar, piano and singing!


As well as our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly instructors like Maddy, at HBF Stadium we offer classes with low ratios to ensure maximised learning. Swimming classes at HBF Stadium are continuous with a six week break in the December/January school holidays when our Summer Holiday Swim takes off, so kids are consistently progressing their skills. To find out more about what makes our classes the best swimming lessons Claremont has to offer click here.