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May 26, 2022, 16:25 PM
Title : Peter
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“There is no greater instrument for optimising human physiology than a nutritious diet and a correctly prescribed exercise regime. Both should be accessible to every Australian.”


Cardiovascular development and anaerobic threshold training, Strength and conditioning, Late phase injury rehabilitation


Having commenced my own fitness journey as an endurance runner I first set foot in the gym as a means of overcoming the injuries and muscular imbalances acquired through running. Under the guidance of skilled exercise professionals I quickly overcame my injuries and found myself hooked on this new style of training. Under my new regime I was feeling better than ever. I felt stronger, moved better and was making progress in areas I had never even considered previously.

In the 8 years since this time my focus has been on the study of how exercise can best be applied to optimise human wellbeing and overcome the detrimental effects of the largely sedentary lifestyle so many of us are forced to lead in the modern world.


  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Exercise Physiology – University of Notre Dame
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science – University of Notre Dame
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness – Australian Institute of Sport
  • Level 1 Sports trainer – Sports Medicine Australia