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Dec 8, 2022, 16:12 PM
Title : Chris
First name : Chris
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"The body achieves what the mind believes”


Strength and Hypertrophy, Mobility and Flexibility


Exercise and sports in both a recreational and competitive setting have always been a cornerstone of my life. Growing up I was always part of a team environment playing soccer, as well as training for solo events in swimming and cross country.

After finishing high school, I gained a keen passion for the gym. This introduced me to all the benefits resistance and mobility training can have in supplementing sport-specific performance and overcoming injuries. I instantly knew I wanted to help others reach their own personal fitness goals whether they be a strength, aerobic or simple movement pattern focus.

I believe the keys to positive change begin with a sustainable, progressive approach that is consistent and fun!


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor