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Stephenson Avenue Mount Claremont WA 6010

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Stay active in winter with indoor sports

Posted: 29 June 2016

Life seems to get put on hold during Perth winters. We often hit the snooze button instead of jumping out of bed. When it rains we avoid the outdoors at all costs, opting for a cosy jumper and cup of coffee. So many people lose the motivation to keep healthy and active during winter. Then when the warmer months roll around, hit can be so much harder to get back into a regime.

It’s time to look into how you stay healthy during the cooler months. Luckily for us Perthians, there are so many great options for keeping active indoors and protected from the (somewhat) harsh elements outside.

Indoor Sports

In most major suburbs in Perth you will find a leisure centre that has indoor courts for sports. Whether it be volleyball, basketball, soccer or hockey, there are great opportunities to get involves with local teams and stay active in winter. 

Indoor Swimming

Swimming is one of the best all round activities for your health. The best part in winter is that you can swim indoors and in heated water! You can easily look up leisure centres in your area to find out whether they have indoor swimming pools.

Indoor Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are another great alternative when it comes to staying active with indoor sports in winter. In Perth we have so many choices when it comes to gyms and group fitness classes to suit our needs. If you have never done a group fitness class before, we have outlined a few of the most popular indoor sports classes below:


Cycle classes or spin classes are a type of high intensity workout done on stationary exercise bikes. A personal trainer or spin instructor takes a class typically for 45 minutes of riding, which includes endurance and hill climbing. Cycling burns calories fast and is great for cardiovascular health.

Les Mills Classes

Les Mills classes are a range of group fitness classes that are designed to burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health. Les Mills BODYPUMP is a complete body workout and Les Mills Bodycombat will help you kick and punch your way to fitness. 

With indoor sports there are so many ways to stay healthy and active during the cooler months. Are you interested in getting involved with indoor sports or group fitness classes? At HBF Stadium our indoor courts can cater for volleyball, netball and soccer teams and we have a range of group fitness classes available. Stop hibernating and stay healthy this winter at HBF Stadium.