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Our top tips to swim safe!

Posted: 18 September 2019

As the days slowly start to get warmer and the hours of sunshine longer, swimming begins to creep back into our weekly routine. With this year already flying past at lightning speed we thought we would make sure you are more than prepared for your first swim of summer with our tips to ensure it is a safe one!

Swimming Lessons

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to re-enrol the kids into swim lessons in preparation for the warmer months. Even if the kids have been to lessons before it is always a great way to refresh their skills in preparation for that first summer swim. Swimming lessons are also vital as they help children become more confident within the water as well as educating them about water safety and the rules to follow when in or around bodies of water.

Eyes Up

In this digital day and age checking our phones has certainly become apart of our everyday routine. However, as well as being a great source of information, phones can also be an easy distraction when it comes to swimming supervision. Even with a pool or beach lifeguard it is still important to have a watchful eye. This doesn't mean you should be leaving your phone at home all together as it is still good to have stowed away nearby in the case of an emergency. 

Delegated supervisor

When attending a summer pool party or in any situation where there is a lot of hustle and bustle around the pool or at the beach, it is important to assign someone as the supervisor. In amongst all of the commotion it can become easy for parents to rely on others for supervision, when they may not be aware they need to be watching. At the start of any family or public event it is a good idea to allocate a responsible adult as the supervisor and if needed, organize supervising shifts so everyone can still have a break and enjoy themselves. 


Have you completed a CPR course recently? Now is the perfect time to learn or brush up on your CPR skills in the event of an emergency - especially before the summer weather rolls in. If you often swim at home it also helps to have a CPR fact sheet by the pool as a point of reference in the case of an emergency situation. 


In addition to the water safety rules, it is also a great idea to set your own set of steps for children prior to heading out for a swim. These rules can be simple and are a great way to get the kids thinking about their safety before a swimming day. Some common rules can include always making sure an experienced adult is supervising, checking everyone is at a safe distance before jumping in and stopping to read the safety signs before swimming, whether at the beach or the local leisure centre. 

We hope these tips have helped refresh your safety skills in time for the warmer weather.

Want to get a head start for summer? Our swimming lessons are some of the best Claremont has to offer! With a continuous program and classes tailored for kids aged 2 - 17 years. Find out more here.