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Stephenson Avenue Mount Claremont WA 6010

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A perfect partnership

Posted: 10 April 2018

A strong partnership between trainer and client can be key in the successful pursuit towards a healthier lifestyle through exercise and strength training. 

Trainer Betty and her friend and long term client Barb are the perfect example of a perfect partnership.

If you were to visit the gym during the week you may bump into this dedicated duo in action. While Barb initially shared her praise of Betty exactly two years ago, it is worth sharing again as neither has slowed in their dedication to training and another milestone birthday is not getting in the way of Barb's determination to stay as healthy as she can. Truly inspirational!

Barbara McCarthy 17/04/2016

My age is 78, I have been a member of the gym for 22 years and have done resistance training using heavy weights with Betty for the past 15 years.

May 2013, I fell heavily at home and sustained broken ribs and a punctured lung. I was treated at SCGH, then referred to their after care clinic for Aged Care in the “Falls” section. Here I was shocked to see the debilitation suffered by my contemporaries who all had someone caring for them & appeared unable to walk without assistance.

I was sent for a bone density scan, returning some months later for results. Here the Doctor informed me that I was different from everyone else, I had the bones of a 20 year old man. He then added that if he lined up on hundred 20 year old men, I would be at the head of the queue. Also I needed no medication or further treatment, but to return in 2 years for another scan.

I recently visited my doctor for the second scan results. He showed me a graph of all my scan results with one from 30 odd years ago showing about 15% loss from both femurs which was considered normal for my age & build. The latest scan had me completely off the scale, way above the coloured zone. My doctor looked at me with suspicion and asked if I had been taking something that started with the letter Z. I said no, I am doing resistance training using heavy weights with Betty at HBF Stadium. He said “Charlies” want to see you again in 2 years. I will be 80.

From this it would seem obvious that to avoid this disease take up resistance training with a qualified instructor to monitor your form to prevent injury with a program to suit your body & fitness level.

Thank you Betty for giving me strong bones.

Trainer: Betty Gibbings
Betty has trained many people in the past 21 years at HBF Stadium, helping them to achieve their goals in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle through exercise and strength training in particular. “I feel lucky that my career is my passion.”

Personal Training at HBF Stadium