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Stephenson Avenue Mount Claremont WA 6010

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5 tips to get you back into the pool

Posted: 1 February 2017

Has it been weeks, months or years since your last swim session?

Maybe you haven't even looked at a pool since you were in school. Many school age children in Perth swim regularly and compete in various local and state competitions. Although many carry on to compete at university and elite level, the last day of school for others is a great excuse not to get back into a swimming pool.

Are you now keen to join a swim squad, complete an open water swim or compete in triathlon and lacking some confidence or motivation? 

Here are our 5 top tips to get you back into a swimming routine:

1. Take it day by day
Typically when we jump back into the pool after a long break we expect to swim a few hundred metres, shake the cobwebs loose, and then we are back! This is rarely the case. You should forget comparing yourself to where you were, or rather how far you are from where you were, and focus on the day to day process of training again, and what that entails.

2. Train for volume first
Training hard from the outset when you are out of shape is a quick way to wear yourself out. Take your foot off of the pedal when you first get back into the pool. We know that you want to swim fast, and that want to swim fast now but take it easy.

3. Build good habits
You have a clean slate. Use this fresh start as an opportunity to build good habits into your swimming. Practice practice practice.

4. Be patient
The first few weeks (and months if it’s been a very long break) can be trying physically and mentally. Don't worry, your physical and mental toughness will come back; as will your feel for the water.. There is nothing wrong with easing back into things. Remind yourself to take things easy.

5. Eat right

If you plan to get back into regular swimming, make sure to fill your tummy and your cupboards with lots of good nutrients. We all know that swimming makes us hungry so make sure to bring a healthy snack for those inevitable post-swim hunger pangs.

To get better, you need to show up. HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont has three 50m pools with lanes available for public swimming all year round. Find more information about swimming at HBF Stadium here.


Not sure you are ready? Why not download a free swim and try HBF Stadium out today.

Free swim