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On public holidays or during holiday periods the venue may be closed or opening times may differ, visit the public holiday hours page for up to date information.

HBF Stadium

Stephenson Avenue Mount Claremont WA 6010

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Public transport services HBF Stadium via bus number 28. The bus stop is located within the HBF Stadium car park. To see the timetable visit Transperth.


There are 1100 parking spaces at the venue including disabled and motorbike bays. Bicycle racks are located by the entrance to secure your bike. A parking fee may apply during major events.

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Stephenson Avenue Mount Claremont WA 6010

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Small group personal training is a great cost effective way to boost your training regime whilst having fun in a supportive atmosphere.

HBF Stadium offers both Queenax Functional and RIP 60 Suspension training in this format using the state of the art QueenAx functional training frame, the first in WA.

Functional and suspension training

The gym at HBF Stadium brings the latest fitness industry trends to your small group training session. The multi-purpose state of the art ‘Queenax Functional Training Concept’ with CrankIt and 4DPro suspension sessions ensures your workout provides;

  • Core fitness,
  • High calorie burn
  • Full body workout

This is achieved through a powerful strength and cardio combination that leverages gravity and your body weight.

Functional training mimics the movements of sports and everyday life much more realistically than most machines, resulting in a greater carryover of strength and neuromuscular adaptation into the real world. This type of training involves using multiple muscle groups in more than one plane of motion so you will see results fast. Enjoy the challenge while using our new functional training kit, including: slam balls, power bags, plyometric steps, battle ropes and more.

See results fast

A low trainer:client ratio is maintained so you get all the benefits of a PT session whilst enjoying the motivation from your fellow class members at great value for money.

  • Timetable
  • Information & Pricing
Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
6.00am  MetaPWR    MetaPWR Super Functional
& RIP 60
9.00am   MetaPWR      
9.30am MetaPWR   Super Functional
& RIP 60
Super Functional
12.30pm Super Functional
& RIP 60

Information and pricing

$16.60 members | $21.90 non-members

Buy a multipack and save

5 x Sessions $70.50 member $97.30 non-member
10 x Sessions $119.75 member $173.05 non-member

That's group PT from just $11.97 a session

HBF member discounts available: 5% on single sessions and 10% on multipack sessions.

MetaPWR (MetaPower)

A thirty minute High Intensity Interval power circuit (HIIT) using functional kit.
This style of HIIT is designed to boost your fitness, rocket your energy levels, develop strength and power and heighten metabolic rate and help burn body fat, getting massive results in the shortest amount of time possible. Limited to 10 participants.

Super functional and RIP 60

This session with focus on strength, movement and mobility of your upper and lower body, helping you find your inner core and balance. It will develop strength through your own body resistance and can cater for all levels of exercise. This system is designed to give you the ultimate core fitness, high calorie burn, full body workout. Limited to 6 participants.

Enquire now

To find out more about personal training at HBF Stadium please fill out the form below. Alternatively you can call us on 9441 8259 so we can assist you straight away.